In August 2015, God gave the clarion, Heavenly Call to birth Kingdom Minded Ministries into the earth realm. Without a doubt, as God gave the Vision, it stirred within the heart and spirit of our shepherd the dubious notion of being too “big, beautiful, and humanly impossible”. While knowing that the birthing of this ministry would require a strong sense of endless self-abandonment, sacrifice, and strength to stand by way of God’s Spirit, our Pastor was determined to obey God’s Divine Call to serving the people with devoted and dedicated servitude of the Spirit by walking away from Corporate America completely (leaving the East Coast to return back to Houston after climbing the Corporate ladders successfully for over 10 years) to yield the necessary consecrated obedience to God and attention to His people in this church-plant Mandate from Heaven. During the very inception phase of birthing this ministry, there were 12 people God placed on the heart and spirit of our leader, these 12 who served faithfully as the founding “Core 12″ leadership team to establish the foundation of the ministry and launch the ministry off the grounds/”out the womb”!

In September 2015, after journeying back to Houston in total obedience to God’s Call, the founding “Core 12” met for the very first time in Spring, TX., as the Vision of Kingdom Minded Ministries was communicated and carried with much urgency of the Spirit among every single person who connected and “caught the Vision” and ran with it without hesitation or reservation. The spirit of unity, love, and strong sensitivity to the Spirit of obeying the Voice of God became the impetus of everyone who connected and carried this ministry Mandate/assignment to serve God’s people. After much prayer, fasting, consecration, many conference calls, meetings, and evangelistic efforts to spread the word about the launching of the ministry, the founding “Core 12” joined Pastor V. in the Spirit in anticipation of a mighty move of God’s Spirit for the official launching of K.M.M. into the earth! One thing that remained without question was the sense of urgency of allowing this ministry’s Heavenly Mandate to respond to God’s voice echoing “the great spiritual need among the people.” As God continued to confirm the sense of urgency of this church-plant Mandate from Heaven, what served as the nucleus of Divine agreement among our founding Core leaders and Pastor was the strong witness in the Spirit and continual focus of the five-fold Mission of Kingdom Minded Ministries:


The unchurched believers in Christ who desire to grow closer to God (many who are broken)


God’s Love for His people through the Truth of His Word and serving them with authenticity


The faith of God’s people to the point of total surrender and trust for God’s provision


Believers of the faith of what God has spoken concerning their purpose and destiny


The ‚Äúlost‚Äù with God‚Äôs real love, relevancy through personal experiences, and God’s restoration power




On Thursday, October 8, 2015, after weeks of preparation, consecration, and visitations with spiritual mentors and established Apostolic, Divine covering, God released the ministry to launch for its very first Bible study on the 24th floor of the beautiful Westin Galleria! People from all across Houston pressed their way to be in attendance on this very special launch night! The presence and power of our God met us in an incredible way! The diversity of ethnicities represented on this special launch night truly embodied what the Kingdom of God represents (unity, love, peace-with a passionate pursuit and hunger for seeking and serving our Heavenly Father). The worship atmosphere and Word flooded the spirit and souls of every person present that night (many who left with a personal, life-changing encounter with our Heavenly Father). We had close to 100 people in attendance on our very first launch night on that 24th floor in the Westin Galleria…God’s glory certainly filled the room on that night! This night marked the beginning of our weekly Thursday-night “1-Hour-Of-Power” Bible study! Each week, by God’s Supernatural provision and favor, we were able to not only feed the people the Word of God, but we were also able to feed families a hot (full-course) meal each week after Bible Study…as we obeyed God’s Call to feed families “whole-man” (mind, body, and spirit)! Despite the youngness of our ministry, many families were also able to be blessed during the very first holiday season of KMM with food as we were still in our initial, infancy 8-week Bible study launching phase of building and birthing!

On Sunday, December 6, 2015, after 8-weeks of building a solid foundation in the in-depth weekly studying of God’s Word together as a unified Body of believers of the Faith via the “1-Hour-Of-Power” worship experience, and watching the spiritual growth and hunger of so many who were coming out on a weekly basis and being fed God’s Word, along with the families being reunited and recharged in their Faith to get back actively involved with serving in the Kingdom of God, it became evident in the spirit of our Pastor that God called and commanded the birthing of this ministry to transition to a weekly Sunday morning worship service, which provided the people and their families a place to call “home” (many of those who had been without a church-home for several years). Because of the consecrated and unified hearts of the founding “Core 12” and our Pastor, we were able to witness the Supernatural shifting take place on this very first Sunday morning worship experience! Over a hundred people had packed the place out as we witnessed the power of His presence penetrate the hearts of His people. The anointing and presence of God fell so strongly in that place on that morning (healing and deliverance took place in a profoundly personal way)! At the conclusion of service, many souls flooded the altar with tears in their eyes because the power of God had fallen so strongly. Many lives were changed on that day, souls were saved, and some had even found their new church-home. This day marked the official weekly launching of Sunday morning worship services at Kingdom Minded Ministries (Houston, Texas).

Effective Thursday, January 5, 2017, after several months of being able to effectively minister to God’s people all across the U.S. on a daily and nightly basis via various outlets of ministry channels at K.M.M. (Houston), God has commanded and called our Pastor to return back to his hometown (New Orleans, LA) on a weekly basis to minister to the great need of the families who are greatly connected to the ministry even from afar and reach this generation of millennials who are in need of being ministered to on their level of Faith in New Orleans in a personal, life-changing way! This will mark the official “1-Hour-Of-Power” weekly Bible Study launch of Kingdom Minded Ministries (New Orleans)!

We are excited and elated to see what God has in-store for this ministry as we continue to obey God’s voice completely in every area of servitude and stand in total Faith of His Word, serving His people with a devoted heart of unified humility and Kingdom love!