Vashawn Green


Pastor Vashawn Green was born and raised in the inner city of New Orleans, Louisiana (prior to relocating him and his family to Houston in August 2005 due to the displacement of Hurricane Katrina). As the oldest of five children, He grew up in a poverty-stricken environment due to being a product of a single-parent home. As a little boy, He watched his mother struggle to make-ends-meet to provide for him and his siblings. As he drew closer to his teenage years and began to discover his God-given identity, he knew God was calling him to be different from the environment he lived in and Vashawn was determined to be a leader for his family and community. Although his father was present but not active in his life, Vashawn knew his father was a well-known, big-time drug dealer, running in the streets of New Orleans and was involved with a life of drug activity. Even though many would attempt to entice Vashawn to follow in his father’s footsteps, he made the bold decision at an early age to be a leader and be DIFFERENT and not succumb to the temptations of the streets. No matter what Vashawn saw going on in his environment, he made the conscious and bold decision to give his life to Christ at the tender age of 13. As a young 13-year-old boy who had not grown up in the church, God transformed his life and put a fire in him to live wholeheartedly for Jesus Christ, and it became evident to everyone around him!

While growing up in New Orleans, God blessed Vashawn with many great and influential mentors who helped nurture and prepare him for his divine destiny. Without hesitation, Vashawn answered the call of God on his life at 15 years old. During that time, he had been very actively involved with his home church in New Orleans as a young junior deacon and armor bearer to his pastor, whom he served faithfully for over 10 years. Because the hand of God and call of God was evident on Vashawn’s life, God used his pastor in New Orleans to mentor him and take him under his wing to help pour wisdom into him and prepare him for ministry. Vashawn’s hunger and passion for Christ and spreading the Gospel opened many doors for him throughout the city of New Orleans and Houston to minister before thousands! Many young people gave their lives to Christ, many of whom were drug dealers, involved with gangs, and other criminal activity. God used Vashawn in a uniquely profound way to reach the hearts of people who many saw as “cast away/thugs” and God used Vashawn to show them the love of Christ through his realness and transparency, causing many of them to leave the streets to follow Christ (and Vashawn personally mentored and took many of them under his wing for the years he was in New Orleans).

Because of the mighty hand of God on Vashawn’s life and the obvious passion in His heart for serving God’s people, God elevated him in a quick way in the Kingdom of God. Vashawn received his official license seal to preach the Gospel in August 2006, and because of his devoted love to God’s people and Kingdom work, Vashawn received an unprecedented elevation and ordination to the office of an Elder in September 2007 (making him the youngest ordained Elder in his church’s international fellowship). While these were incredible and monumental accomplishments in the Kingdom of God for a young minister of the Gospel, Vashawn didn’t stop there…he still had a desire in his heart to sharpen his anointing and gain even more training for the ministry mandate God has placed on his life. Even after experiencing the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Vashawn stayed focused and dedicated to the Call of God and journeyed to Tulsa, Oklahoma in obedience to God to attend Oral Roberts University “School of Theology” for four years, where he obtained his Bachelors of Arts degree in Theological/Historical Studies and also Organizational/Interpersonal Communications! Vashawn was very humbled and fortunate to have been trained and mentored by some of the best theologians in Christendom. After concluding his studies at Oral Roberts University, God instructed Pastor Vashawn precisely to return back to Houston to serve God’s people in the capacity of ministry. He answered the clarion call and immediately returned back to Houston in May 2010 and continued to advance the Kingdom of God! During that time of being back in Houston, God had SUPERNATURALLY opened the door for Pastor Vashawn to work within the Corporate sector, a field where he had absolutely no prior experience, but the FAVOR of God paved the way for him to excel in production at a rapid rate! Because of his high performance and devoted love for helping people in a personal and profound way, he received several yearly recognition awards personally from the CEO of the company and annual promotions on the regional level within the Northern New Jersey affluent territory. In April 2012, God has opened the door for Pastor Vashawn on the East Coast to journey to Manhattan by invitation of the Regional President and District Managers in the Northern New Jersey market to help several locations that were struggling after a large merger acquisition. Although Pastor Vashawn excelled in a great way in the Corporate sector while being on the East Coast and working on the regional level for over five years and earning the respect of many superiors, he knew deep in his heart that God had not “called” him to plant himself into his “career”….He heard God speak loud and clearly in April 2015 to return back to Houston and “finish the work God began in him” for the Kingdom of God and return back to devote his life to doing what God has destined, called, trained, and equipped him to do since 13 years old, and that’s ministering to the hearts of God’s people and loving them with the love of Jesus Christ. In August 2015, Pastor Vashawn obeyed God and resigned completely from the corporate sector and has now returned to Houston (in obedience to God’s clarion Call) to begin Kingdom Minded Ministries and serve the people of God in full-time ministry with authentic love and a strong devotion of heart!

Because of his devoted heart for reaching this generation of millennials with the life-changing Gospel and commitment to following God’s Divine Call upon his life in complete obedience, beginning January 2017, Pastor Vashawn Green and the Kingdom Minded Ministries family will be returning back to his hometown and launching a weekly Bible study to minister to God’s people and help meet the needs of so many families who are already connected to Kingdom Minded Ministries there in New Orleans even from afar! This will be a time of ministering to the people of God holistically from a Biblical perspective… ”mind, body, and Spirit”. Each week, families throughout New Orleans will be able to come on a weekly basis and receive a free hot meal to feed their body and life-changing/empowering Word to minister to their mind and spirit! We look forward to walking in total obedience to all that God has in-store via the Heavenly Mandate of Kingdom Minded Ministries being birth into the earth!